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Credit "Electrocuted" by GEMB/Ultimate Electronics

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GEMB/Ultimate Electronics' poor records/billing department contributes to bad mark in my credit file
Nevada, USA.

I purchased a TV from Ultimate Electronics in 2003 with a "no interest or minimum payment for 15 months" agreement.  I received statements for the first couple months, but none since March 2004.  However, I diligently paid monthly until, according to my records I paid off the loan with the last payment of $450 in December 2004.  Since I NEVER received any bill or statement from Ultimate Electronics to the contrary, I assumed the account was paid in full.

But in late April 2005, I received a notice from Ultimate Electronics' collection department that I still owed them $700.  I immediately called them to straighten the mess out.  They claimed that they stopped sending me bills because my mailing address (which I've used since 1990 and continue to use) was no good.  Isn't it strange that they were able to send the collection letter to this same address in spite of their claim that the address was no good?  I think their whole purpose was just a scam to try and collect undue interest and penalties.

They did agree to waive the unjust interest and penalties if I would pay the balance, which according to their records was $700.  I sent them the $700 on May 6 - just as I would have last January if they had ever sent me a bill or statement balance. This whole error was Ultimate Electronic's fault.  If they would have sent me a bill instead of ignoring me, I would have paid them immediately.  As soon as I was notified of a balance, I promptly paid.  I was never late.  Problem is they never notified me, leading me to believe the account had been paid in full.

GEMB/Ultimate Electronics NEVER sent me an invoice, leading me to believe the account was paid in full. Their only solution to their error was to waive interest, penalties, and now the balance shows paid full.

It looks like GEMB/Ultimate Electronics still can't get their records straight!  I received an invoice on 5-25-05 crediting the $700 payment on May 11, but asking me for payment of $1062.28 for interest.  I called Beverly (51065) at Ultimate Electronics on May 26.  She removed the interest charges and said it would show a zero balance on next statement.  Ultimate Electronics may be a large company who thinks it can do as it wishes with other peoples' credit, but I will NEVER BUY ANYTHING from Ultimate Electronics again - no matter how huge the discount may be.

Finally, the case is closed but over 2 years later, this still shows in my credit file as a 'more than 30 day late,' even though I filed a dispute 2 years ago with the credit reporting agencies.

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